Friday, April 2, 2010

Radial Pattern & a Focal point

One of the many interesting patterns is the 'Radial' pattern. As the name suggests, it radiates from some central piece of interest. Usually this central piece is made the 'focal point'. A focal point is something which the eye sees first on entering the space. It could be an artifact, a flower arrangement, a painting, a wall or a television.
Select your focal point wisely. Since it is the first thing that catches the eye, it makes a statement. Remember, as they say, "first impression is the best impression". Highlight whatever you want as the focal point using colours, lights, or just by placing it in the centre (in this case).
Now that your focal point is established, arrange the furniture as if radiating from it.
The same principle can be followed with wall hangings, plants, etc.
The picture alongside is an example of a radial pattern where, the combination of the tepoy with artifacts and a rug beneath it as it's focal point. The picture on the top shows the evolution of a typical radial pattern.
A radial type of arrangement is casual yet due to the focal point, makes a strong statement.
Why wait? ...Change the same old monotonous arrangement of your room today and be in love with your "new" room!

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