Thursday, April 1, 2010

Care to give some patterns?

I find most houses in Kerala have plain walls, branded furniture with no definite patterns or arrangement, no co-ordination between furniture in the same room as well as with those in other rooms, etc... no pattern be it their rooms, walls, furniture or their accessories.

I just love following a pattern suited for my clients. That is how every architect works.

Well, a recent visit to a friend's house, who spent more than 7 lakhs on some simple interior work was shocking- their bedroom was Victorian; and their kitchen, modern, with no effort to co-ordinate or connect them both. To make things worse, their living & dining spaces were in utter confusion - you couldn't give it a single name...there were at least 3 or 4 types of design... It was unbearable!!!

Just because you see & like something doesn't mean it will suit your space. Try to co-ordinate it with everything. This is where a trained & creative mind works best.

Adopt a style or create your own style and follow it everywhere with some stylish yet careful breaks in between. For example- wood goes best with glass but you can give it a break using golden metal accessories, ivory inlay work, mirrors in some cases, or touches of leather finishes.

It's your home & so deck up in style! Let there be a pattern in just about anything and viola! you'll see the difference!

(Revert for queries & help concerning this topic).

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