Saturday, April 3, 2010

Build a strong theme

A theme is not just going with the different styles of architecture like the Mughal, the Japanese, the Victorian, the E, etc. Though they are options, there is a wide range of themes from where you can develop one for your own space.
  • One option is definitely the look- Traditional, Trendy, classical, contemporary, modern,etc.
  • Style - Indian, English, Chinese,... or even localised like Rajasthani, Kerala, Victorian, etc.
  • Colour- single colours (monochromatic), contrasts (like red & green), related (like blue & green), etc.
  • Material - like wood, metal, glass, ceramic, jute, etc. or a combination.
  • Pattern - linear, radial, etc.
  • Type of accessories
  • Method of displaying the same
The picture shows a modern yet casual style, colour theme is puprle & yellow (complimentary colour scheme), which is followed even for the accessories -like lampshades, carpets, cushions & seats.

It's a good habit to be organised, but this doesn't work for many people and how they'd wish there was someone who could help them with that! Well, when you find your space messed up, get help ASAP!!

Need help in redesigning, organising or changing the look of your space, or even creating a special space for you? ...let me know.


  1. Any suggestions for small spaces?

  2. Why not make "Spacious" the theme for small spaces?