Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Most of the time, people don't realise that their interiors are a reflection of their thoughts, character & ... a part of themselves!!
A minor yet intellectual change in the interiors can sometimes create that kind of beauty which can actually be felt...!
Let me put up some pictures here, where a change in the interiors did a transformation one wouldn't give up for anything!

Note that here, a simple change of cabinet colour, & an additional shelf (with creative patterns), etc  are the minor changes done, creating a unique, elegant touch to the otherwise boring design.

The whole fire place area is made vibrant by that simple addition of a lively painting!

 Here, a change in the colours, has made
a huge difference!

 A designer is not a mere decorator. After the thoughtful execution, we see more than a designer's work... a creation so unique & special!!
This season, let's brighten up our interiors & post the pics here.... mail it to me. Want any help? ... I'll be more than happy to help!!  Enjoy!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Centre piece for Banquets!

Centre pieces are always a mystery! How do we get them simple yet elegant? These are some ideas one can easily do with the regular water glasses. Filling them up with beans & adjusting a small flower like that: (4 in a row makes it perfect)

Fill them up with cold water & light some candles for the evening, warm banquet ... a mirror below is a stunning addition.

Cluster some glasses- big & small, fill em up with water half way & dip in them lemons - green & yellow! You can cut some & drop it in the water as well...for that extra fragrance...hmmm!

...or just fill some desert glasses with berries in different colours!

Other options are flower petals, beads, feathers, leaves, pebbles, sand, candles and even toffees!!