Monday, July 19, 2010

Who is an interior designer? How do you select a good interior designer?

This is an era where anybody on the street calls himself an "interior designer". In fact, people everywhere often think they are all "interior designers" since they buy their own furniture, curios, flowers, curtains, etc and arrange it in a way they think is right. True...they are all decorating their, if they are doing it good, they can be called interior "decorators".

So then who is an interior "designer"?
A qualified person,
who can
  • identify & creatively solve problems pertaining to the function & quality of the interior;
  • programme, analyse & plan using specialized knowledge of interior construction, building codes, etc.
  • prepare drawings & documents w.r.t interior spaces to enhance & protect the health, safety & welfare of the public;
An interior designer is not a mere decorator, but a professional- as interior designing is not only an involves science & technology. He or she has to possess a wide range of abilities including artistic talent, appreciation of beauty (so as to use inexpensive materials & innovative ideas), psychological insight (understanding client needs, work according to their capacity & go beyond the requirements...see the soul rather than the body), Problem analysis (consider requirements, background & budget of client, materials & labour available, discarding useless concepts, etc.), flexibility (according to the client's view & needs), dependable & trustworthy, working with diverse personalities, business acumen, love for detail & accuracy, enthusiasm, etc.

Choose a designer keeping all these in mind...someone who can co-ordinate everything together in a way which is functional as well as aesthetic. What good is a chair that looks good but is not comfortable to sit on?

It is a misconception that you can save money by hiring a non-professional. People who think so often end up losing out on a lot- valuable resources such as money, time, energy, comfort, aesthetics, functionality, and above all else, peace of mind. Hiring a professional could actually help you save a substantial sum of money.

Why think you are saving money by hiring a non-professional when you can actually save a lot by hiring a professional!