Sunday, May 9, 2010

Small Spaces??

Small spaces can be made more beautiful than a comparatively large space. Infact, small spaces will have a more "done up" look, even though very little is done. Careful analysis & execution can do wonders.
Listing out the activities carried out in the space, the amount of storage required,etc will help determine the furniture & layout.
Storage spaces are very important for small spaces. Since the space is small, the ability of the designer to find spaces for storage is what will give her the credits. Convertibles & dual-purpose furniture will be good options. Every corner has to be taken advantage of. Sofas that can be used as pull out beds or storage spaces, under-bed storage drawers, niches in walls for displays, etc can make huge difference. Knocking off a wall, clubbing adjoining spaces, using glass as separators, etc. will not only give a bigger impression, but will also add to the aesthetics as well as function of the space. To give an illusion of spaciousness, focus lights, mirrors & light coloured paints, etc can be used.
Remember always... making a space beautiful is only secondary to making it functional!