Saturday, March 27, 2010

Add some light to your rooms!

There's nothing like a well lit room. But choosing the right light is what makes all the difference. A wrong design or a wrong placement can spoil the whole ambiance. Here are some things you should consider before you choose your lights:
  1. What are the activities you plan in your room? Is it just sleeping & music or do you intend to do some office work or reading?
  2. How much light do you need? some people like a well lit room while others like to highlight only certain areas.
  3. What is the theme of your room? - Modern, or classical?
  4. What is the colour scheme? The colours in a room decide whether you should go for warm lighting or not.
  5. is it cost-effective in itself & with respect to the rest of the design? You don't want to buy a picture lamp that is costlier than the picture itself.
There are more to it than the above listed points. Any help on choosing your lights/lamps, please feel free to ask me!

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