Monday, March 29, 2010

Add some colour too!

We live in a world of colours and every colour has a different story!
Choosing a colour for your room therefore, is very important as it reflects your mood, the activities you plan to have in that room and the kind of mood you want others to have upon entering the room.
  • While people like to go with some colours other than white, pure whites are the safest and they also bring with them a kind of elegance and ambiance that no other colour can.
  • Reds, Oranges, Yellows are warm colours that bring in a kind of energy, enthusiasm and liveliness.
  • Blues, Greens are cool colours and they give a calm, restful feeling.
  • Lavenders are romantic.
  • While Silver/Metallic colours are eclectic, golds and indigos are royal.
  • Blacks are elegant as well as mysterious.
With a wise selection of colours that suit your need and a careful combination or accentuation with some more colours, your rooms will turn out to be more than just "rooms".
(Feel free to ask questions, give ideas, etc for your space)

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